Adult Survivor Counseling

DVIS offers group and individual counseling for people affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and adult sex trafficking. DVIS staff have been trained to work with survivors who have experienced trauma in a number of venues including but not limited to military sexual trauma, workplace sexual harassment and DV/SA experiences on college campuses

Group services provided utilize the evidence based curriculum known as STEP (Survivor Therapy Empowerment Program). Also groups are available that enable individuals to process through their trauma under the expert facilitation of our trauma-informed counselors.

For individual sessions, DVIS counselors are trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

Counseling goals include:

  • Crisis stabilization
  • Creating and establishing ongoing safety plans
  • Increasing positive coping and self-regulatory skills
  • Addressing the impact of trauma
  • Preventing re-victimization
  • Connecting with support systems

DVIS has counselors available who speak both English and Spanish. If you speak a different language our counselors will use a phone interpretation service, which is available in all languages. If you are Deaf or hard of hearing our counselors will have an ASL interpreter available, either through video or in person, during your counseling sessions.

Counseling services are available in Tulsa and Sapulpa. All our counseling services are trauma-informed and evidence-based. To schedule an appointment, call 918-585-3163 (Tulsa) or 918-508-2765 (Sapulpa).

There are many ways to receive help from a DVIS counselor:

  • Crisis intervention regarding imminent physical and/or emotional safety needs can be addressed by the crisis counselor onsite anytime during business hours. We are open in Tulsa and Sapulpa, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm. You don’t have to have an appointment!
  • Speak with a DVIS advocate 24/7 by calling our Crisis and Information Line at 918-743-5763 or 918.7HELP.ME
  • Text SAFE to 207-777 daily from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. to speak with a live DVIS advocate
  • Ongoing counseling can be scheduled by calling 918-585-3163


DVIS has daycare available at our counseling offices, at the Family Safety Center and a two star licensed facility at our emergency shelter. We know that seeking help with sexual and domestic violence can be a lot. We know having help, such as daycare, can make it a little easier to get help. Our daycare staff will take care of your children while you attend group, fill out paperwork, or meet with an advocate.