Transitional Housing

Often survivors have long-term housing and safety needs. To keep our shelter as available as possible, DVIS also offers Transitional Housing Apartments. DVIS offers 20 apartments in a mixture of one, two or three bedrooms. Survivors interested in living in DVIS’ Transitional Living Apartments must submit an application for review. Once accepted, survivors may live in their apartment for up to 2 years.

On site with the apartments is a clubhouse, where transitional housing staff work. In addition to staff offices, the clubhouse is home to a business center, food pantry, group and play rooms, and shared living room. Supportive care provided through this program is voluntary which means that participation in services is not a requirement for housing.

The DVIS Transitional Living Apartments offer:

  • Safety planning
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Case management
  • Advocacy through referrals to other social service providers
  • Assistance with transportation needs, such as bus tokens or passes

DVIS Transitional Living Apartments accept survivors of ALL backgrounds. This includes People of Color, low-income, LGBTQ2+, Deaf and hard of hearing, people with disabilities, documented and undocumented immigrants, and those with limited English proficiency.

For more information about Transitional Housing, please call 918-743-5763. If you’d like to adopt or furnish an apartment, please call 918.508.2705 or e-mail

Transitional Housing Application
Transitional Housing Application- Spanish

RRH Application- English
New Coordinated Entry Assessment