Emergency Shelter

The DVIS shelter is a temporary 91+ bed facility, which allows survivors to stay safe, away from their abusers, for an average of 30-45 days. The DVIS shelter is the only facility in Oklahoma that is able to serve survivors of ALL backgrounds. This includes both male and female survivors, as well as People of Color, low-income, LGBTQ2+, Deaf and hard of hearing, people with disabilities, documented and undocumented immigrants, and those with limited English proficiency.

For survivors wanting to enter the shelter, please call 918.743.5763 to speak with a DVIS employee. Once a survivor arrives, their most immediate physical needs will be met first. They will be offered medical care followed by something to eat and/or drink. Once immediate physical needs are met, a DVIS employee will complete an intake, which involves filling out some paperwork to document what the survivor has experienced. The survivor will then be assigned an advocate, given their information and taken to their room.

The DVIS shelter is divided into two major living sections. One side is for people who do not have children with them (“singles”). The other side is for families. There is a kitchen, which provides three meals a day, as well as snacks. The shelter also includes a two star licensed daycare facility. DVIS was the first shelter in Oklahoma to open kennels, where survivors can keep their dogs or cats during their stay.

The DVIS Shelter offers:

  • Safety planning
  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling (safe parent and child(ren)
  • Group counseling
  • Case management
  • Advocacy through referrals to other social service providers
  • Assistance with transportation needs, such as bus tokens or passes