Volunteer opportunities at DVIS fall into 2 categories, and both are vital and rewarding.

The first is NON CLIENT-FACING, which is flexible, requires fewer training hours, and does not include direct client contact. Non Client-Facing Volunteers may choose from:

  • Administrative tasks such as filing, scheduling appointments, making buttons, data entry, and mailings
  • Organizing and sorting our donation rooms
  • Providing childcare while parents receive services at our Apache office, Shelter, or Legal Department
  • Tabling and Events which entails representing DVIS in the community at resource fairs, or joining a planning committee for one of our fundraising events
  • Seasonal support for holiday programs like Joy Givers and Gum Drop Shop involves tracking, wrapping, decorating, and loading donations and gifts

Requirement: 2-hour online orientation


The second way to serve is CLIENT-FACING, which is more intensive, and entails working directly with clients as an advocate. Client-Facing Volunteers may serve as:

  • Hospital Advocates, who assist and support survivors during a sexual assault exam.
  • Court Advocates, who serve in our Legal Department, guiding survivors through protective order petitions and related paperwork.
  • Jail Outreach Advocates, who help co-facilitate classes at David L. Moss. (currently on hiatus)

Requirements: 30 hours of online training, as well as shadowing in the area of focus.



  1. Determine whether serving in Non Client-Facing or Client-Facing capacity make more sense for you and your schedule. Learn more about Non Client-Facing v. Client-Facing
  2. Submit a Volunteer Application:
       by email, to cfunderburk@dvis.org
       by fax, to 918.584.1835, OR
       by mail/delivery, to 3124 East Apache St., Tulsa, OK 74110
  3. Interview with our Volunteer Coordinator.
  4. Complete any necessary training. Most is online and self-paced, and requirements vary. Learn more about Non-Client Facing v. Client-Facing
  5. On-site volunteers undergo a background and reference check. (We ask for $10 to help us cover the cost.)


THANK YOU for your interest in serving with DVIS! Volunteering is one of the most important contributions you can make to our agency and our clients.

You can also help DVIS support survivors by donating, keeping in touch through our newsletter, and following us on social to share our posts and spread the word.  

Questions? Email cfunderburk@dvis.org or call 918.508.2705