Providing refuge for those in need

Monarch butterflies have long been close to our hearts at DVIS. We were devastated to learn that this stunning example of beauty and resilience was recently reclassified as endangered.

The parallels between a Monarch’s lifecycle and the journeys of trauma survivors are striking. Both are characterized by metamorphosis, some stages more fragile than others.

Environment and access to resources are crucial for survivors and Monarchs alike, especially during the more vulnerable periods of their transformation.

Monarchs need pesticide-free milkweed on which to lay their eggs. Families affected by domestic and sexual violence need physical, psychological, and legal resources to heal and create safe, healthy lives.

DVIS is proud to offer a sanctuary for survivors and Monarchs alike at our facilities, which include a garden built with butterflies in mind. It is filled with native plants, including species of milkweed handpicked by local experts.

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