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Monarch Ball: Every Piece Matters

The day a survivor walks into one of our facilities at Domestic Violence Intervention Services, Inc. (DVIS) is often one of the worst of their lives.

They are the one in every three women or one in four men in the United States who experience violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

They are one of the individuals that is sexually assaulted in America every 68 seconds.

They are one of the hundreds of thousands of victims of human trafficking in the US at any given time.

And they frequently feel lost, scared, and broken.

Many of these same survivors leave our facilities weeks, months, or even years later, transformed. All the pieces they came to us with are still there, of course; but with a safe environment, supportive services, and the resources they need, they take those pieces and create an empowered, resilient new life for themselves and their families.

DVIS empowers survivors to stop the cycle of violence in their families, but that healing does not happen in isolation. Like our clients, our work is made up of many different and important parts: our staff, community partners, funders, and you.

Help us continue offering these lifesaving services by supporting Monarch Ball, and celebrate all the pieces of our work with us. Every piece matters.

Monarch Ball
Every Piece Matters
Friday, June 3, 2022, 6 p.m.
Southern Hills Country Club, Tulsa, OK

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