Give a New Beginning

When survivors come to DVIS, they may be facing many endings – to their relationship, their home, their financial stability, and even their dream for the future. But every end is a new beginning, and your donation to DVIS will provide paths to hope, to safety, to empowerment, and to healing.


“…we’ve modified our Academy over the years. Instead of just teaching officers how to drive fast, or how to shoot a gun, or how to survive a fight, we’ve also taught them trauma informed response. […] Connecting on the human level is absolutely critical…” Hear more from MAJOR MATT McCORD, Commander of Tulsa Police Department’s Detectives Division and DVIS Board Member










How impactful would it be to reach and teach these kids earlier so that we don’t see them walk through our doors as another statistic? Hear more from ANNIE B., DVIS’s Education Outreach Coordinator










A child who witnesses domestic violence is 10 times more likely to abuse their partner or to be abused when they’re an adult. Hear more from MADISON B., Children’s Trauma Therapist at DVIS










She was a 16-year-old mom. I’ll never forget our very first meeting. She had on a McDonald’s uniform… Hear more from ANGIE D., a DVIS Survivor Advocate and Follow-Up Coordinator










I reassure them that they’re strong and they’re brave and they’re powerful… that they have somebody in their corner. Hear more from JACKIE W., one of our SANE Advocate Volunteers: