Volunteer Path 1

Thank you for your interest in Path 1, where you will become comprehensively trained and can assist in a hands-on and independent style. This is a great opportunity to learn about the social work field, help others in your local community, and add skills to your resume.

Below are some of the opportunities available to Path 1 volunteers.

Each one requires you complete 30 hours of online training, as well as shadowing in the area of focus. Once you complete the first 15 hours of training and your background check comes back, you can begin shadowing. As soon as the final 15 hours are completed you will be ready to volunteer independently.



  • Supervise children at the Apache office, shelter, or Family Safety Center while parents attend counseling sessions or fill out protective orders

Special considerations: Volunteers are preferably trained in basic first-aid and CPR.



  • Assist victims in completing protective order petitions and related paperwork 
  • Act as a support person for clients during their time at the Family Safety Center
  • Provide information on DVIS programs and services. 

Special considerations: This position requires additional training at the Family Safety Center.



  • Assist in office by answering the telephone, filing, computer entry, helping with large mailings, answering basic client questions, etc. 

This position is available at all DVIS sites including the Apache office, shelter, and Family Safety Center.



  • Assist with co-facilitating classes at David L. Moss under the direct supervision of Lori Gonzalez

Special considerations: Facilitators must be at least 21 years old and be able to consistently lead class during scheduled times.Schedule is determined by you and class leaders.

Women’s classes cover topics such as Domestic Violence Awareness, Healthy Choices, etc. Men’s classes cover topics such as Changing Criminal Thinking, Real Talk, etc.



  • Represents DVIS by speaking publicly regarding the agency, our services, and programs, philosophy, and communicates statistics on domestic violence, sexual assault, child safety, and more. 

Special considerations: This position requires additional training with our Education Coordinator.



  • Assist victims and nurse during a sexual assault exam
  • Provide information and referrals on DVIS programs and services 

Special considerations: This position requires additional mentoring on at least three calls with a staff member or trained volunteer. A monthly calendar is circulated; this is an on-call position and advocate must be within 30 minutes of Hillcrest Hospital.

Sound like your cup of tea? Let’s get that application process started!

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