Coaching Boys Into Men

What is it?
Coaching Boys Into Men is a character development/building program that helps coaches to address risky behaviors among their male athletes such as taking drugs, smoking, engaging in risky sexual practices, bullying, and performing poorly at school.

What does it consist of?
The coaches’ packet includes:
1. A card series that consists of twelve 10-15 minute weekly lessons designed to help coaches talk with their athletes about topics such as personal responsibility, insulting language, digital disrespect, and bragging about sexual reputation, and also includes an end of season pledge against relationship abuse and violence.
2. A playbook/manual full of advice about how to engage in “teachable moments” with athletes when incidents arise. For example, there is advice about how to talk with your athletes if a professional athlete is arrested for domestic abuse.
3. A resource pack of useful links, a DVD, and advice about talking with the media about your participation in the program.

What would my responsibilities be?
• Attend a three-hour training pre-season with DVIS.
• Spend 10-15 minutes each week of the season talking with your athletes about the issues in the card series.
• Engage in teachable moments.
• Attend an end of season wrap-up.

If you’re interested in our training or getting more information, please contact:
Samantha Wade | | 918.508.2712