DVIS Dream Houses Fundraiser Coming in 2019!

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Join us as we introduce DVIS DREAM HOUSES to the Tulsa community in 2019!

DVIS Dream Houses will be designed and built by community sponsors. Once built, all play houses will be displayed at Woodland Hills Mall in April 2019. Raffle tickets will be sold to the public. Raffle winners, as well as the most popular play house, will be announced at the Closing Event in April 2019.


DVIS Dream Houses Committee:
Reed Woods, Chair                                   Stonebridge Group
Caitie-Beth Truitt, Committee Chair        TRUCO Development
Brandon Hackett                                       KKT
Katie Mabrey                                            Mabrey Bank
Adam Paluka                                             EMSA
Michelle Singer                                         CP Solutions
Ashley Stephenson                                    Workspace
Jeff Snodgrass                                            Bank of Oklahoma/ bigROBOT Designs
Tracey Lyall                                               DVIS Chief Executive Officer
Carissa Hon                                               DVIS Chief Communications Officer

Sponsorships range from $1,000 to $10,000. For more information about DVIS Dream Houses, contact Jenée Day at jday@dvis.org.