What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual violence occurs anytime a person is forced, coerced and/or manipulated into unwanted sexual activity.

Sexual violence includes various types of unwanted sexual touching or penetration without consent.

Such as:

  • Forced sodomy
  • Forced oral copulation
  • Rape by a foreign object
  • Sexual battery
  • Sexual violence may also include situations in which penetration is accomplished when the victim is unable to give consent (due to being under the age of sixteen), or is prevented from resisting, due to being intoxicated, drugged, unconscious, or asleep.
  • Sexual violence may be accomplished by fear, threats of harm, and/or actual physical force.
  • The continuum of sexual violence includes rape, statutory rape (victim is under the age of 16) date and acquaintance rape, incest, child sexual assault, sexual exploitation and sexual harassment, among other acts.